Overcome PTSD Symptoms with Cannabis

natural cannabis seed
Natural cannabis seed

PTSD is common in many people these days. This is because of the increase in the number of terror attacks and wars around the world. Many war veterans also suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because of the close fighting that they have seen during times of war. Even people who have not been involved in terror attacks or wars can have symptoms of PTSD. This is because some people are not able to digest the stress during domestic violence and other kinds of violence seen on the streets every day.

How cannabis can help people to overcome PTSD

1. Helps in overcoming depression: Depression is a common symptom in those who are suffering from PTSD. After a traumatic event, the person who has witnessed it or has been a part of the event will feel depressed because of the event itself. There are times when the depression can become severe and suicidal. The regular use of medical cannabis helps in reducing depression. Depression is a feeling of helplessness and a decrease in mood levels. When cannabis is used, it helps in improving the mood of the person and also helps in overcoming the feeling of helplessness. Thus, depression is overcome with the help of cannabis in those suffering from PTSD.

2. Helps reduce stress and anxiety: The use of medical marijuana also helps in the reduction of stress and anxiety. Any person who has been in such a traumatic situation will normally suffer from stress and anxiety. This needs to be reduced to ensure that they are able to lead a normal life. If the stress and anxiety continues, it can lead to increased blood pressure, insomnia and other problems. The use of medical marijuana helps in reducing stress as well as anxiety by interfering with these thoughts in the brain.

3. Helps in reducing memory of events that caused stress: The other important benefit of using the medical marijuana is that it helps in reducing memory of events that are not good for the health of the person. In research done in rats, it was found that the rats that were fed with cannabis were able to forget some stimuli that caused pain. Other rats which were not fed with cannabis were fearful and anxious when the same stimulus was given. This could be replicated in human beings and this is one of the best effects of cannabis in the treatment of post traumatic stress disorder. It would completely get rid of this health condition with a few weeks or months of treatment.

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