Marijuana Helps in Treating Asthma and Other Breathing Disorders

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There are several chronic and acute disorders of the respiratory system. These are classified into the upper respiratory passage diseases and the lower respiratory passage diseases. All the chronic diseases of the upper as well as the lower airway will benefit from medical marijuana treatment. This is because of the fact that most, if not all of the chronic diseases will cause some kind of inflammation in the tissues. Marijuana is known to be a very effective anti inflammatory agent without any side effects. So, it is effectively used against all chronic diseases. It can also be used as treatment in the acute respiratory diseases too, but the inflammation in the acute diseases will be lesser and it is not as effective as in chronic diseases.

There are several symptoms of respiratory diseases that can be treated with medical marijuana. Some of these symptoms and the effect this drug has on these symptoms are listed here:

1. Bronchospasm: Broncho spasm is the feeling of constriction that a person has in the chest and the airway. If you have suffered from any airway disease, you would have felt this kind of constriction. This is usually relieved with the help of aerosol inhalers in acute conditions. In chronic diseases, the feeling of constriction persists and will not be relieved with the usual medications. This is where the medical marijuana cure. You will be able to get rid of this brochospasm and the feeling of constriction in your chest. This helps you to breathe well and effectively.

2. Inflammation: Inflammation cannot be seen in airway diseases, but it can be felt as a feeling of heaviness in the chest. The inflammation occurs in the airway paths and other organs of the respiratory system. The effect of this is that you will not be able to breathe easily. His kind of inflammatory reaction can be overcome with the use of marijuana.

3. Infections: Chronic airway diseases are characterized by ling infections. This leads to severe cough, fever and sometimes even hospitalization. A very acute episode of infection can even be fatal. Infections in chronic diseases can be controlled by the use of medical marijuana. This is because of the bactericidal effect that marijuana has. It is able to kill the various micro organisms that are present in the respiratory system.
Medical marijuana can be used in the treatment of these symptoms of airway diseases. The drug can be more effective if it is inhaled as an aerosol. It should not be smoked as many people do, because smoking can aggravate the respiratory disorder.

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