Know The Best Brain Games To Exercise Your Mind

In today’s fast moving world there is not a single individual who is not aware of the importance of exercise for the body. Many of you will be actively involved in it too. Let us step a little on the side and try to understand this new concept of brain exercise. Just like your body, your mind also needs a daily dose of refreshment and activity to keep it fit and young. They work on the brain in the exact same fashion that Pilates work for your body. In this article you will be able to understand the different types of brain exercises that you can choose from.

Crossword puzzles for brain

Why Do We Need Brain Exercise?

When we go about our routine lives, everything happens in a fixed sequence and we are tuned to it. Now to this routine when you add some stimulating brain exercise what happens is that you get better at performing complex tasks. You notice that your brain is more agile and the sluggish attitude is thrown aside to be replaced by quick thinking and a sharp healthy mind.
What is needed for an activity to become a brain exercise is that it should be challenging and creative. It should be fun and provide the individual with a dose of entertainment too. For the beginning one can just start with simple brain training like using the left hand in a right handed person and vice versa. Doing a simple task with the eyes closed will also stimulate your brain by formation of new pathways. Once you have done this proceed to the specific brain stimulating exercises.

What Are Brain Games?

One such brain game is Sudoku where the number placement has to carry out in a fashion that you accommodate numbers from one to nine in each of the rows and columns only once. Also the smaller cells of 3 by 3 columns should contain all 9 digits. This game works on predictive thinking and makes you think of the possibilities to achieve the end result. This trains the brain to concentrate and play around with the numbers. This helps to improve your memory and concentration.

Crossword Clues *** Answers

Another such game is crossword puzzles where the numbers are replaced by alphabets that have been arranged in such a way that you need to fill in the missing gaps to create words. Hints are provided about the words that you are looking out for. These crosswords can be done both on paper and with online applications. If you are a beginner and you start off with the newspaper then make sure you have a good eraser as you will need it a lot. As you continue to solve them and clear one level after another, you will realize how much faster you have got at cracking those words. People who solve crosswords regularly, have a great vocabulary too.
So add these brain exercises to your daily list of chores and see how it works wonders for your brain. Not only will you feel more active but your memory and concentration will also get a boost.

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Medical cannabis and methods of using it

Medical cannabis is a unique medicine because it is not used by some people thinking it is a drug, but many other physicians use it because of the many benefits that it provides to the people who consume it. Today its easy to find marijuana seeds for sale ,it is highly effective in the treatment of various diseases including severe forms of malignant cancers. It is also useful in the treatment of respiratory disorders, diabetes and various other diseases. It helps to reduce pain in chronic pain conditions like arthritis. It also helps to get rid of dementia and other psychiatric disorders. Since it is so beneficial in the treatment of so many diseases, it is becoming highly popular with physicians and also patients.

There are different methods in which the medical cannabis can be used. Some of the methods in which it can be used are listed here:
1. Smoking: this is by far the most common method in which people intake cannabis. This cannot be said to be a very effective method because it can lead o various complications and side effects. For example, smoking can lead to respiratory problems and can also cause various side effects. So, though the cannabis which is taken in by smoke will have beneficial effects, the smoke can lead to problems including lung cancer.

2. Inhalation: Cannabis can also be inhaled as an aerosol. This is just like the inhalation therapy used in the treatment of various respiratory disorders. The benefit of using marijuana in this method is that it will directly mix in the blood stream and it is likely to be more effective in a very short time.

3. Chewing cannabis: Cannabis can also be chewed in the leaf form. This is commonly called as ‘munchies’. This is one of the second commonest methods in which marijuana is consumed. The reason for this is that it will give a sense of satisfaction to the patients as they can chew it till they get the desired effect from the juices released by the marijuana leaves.

4. Pills: The medical marijuana is also available in the form of pills and this is by far the best method of consuming the medicine. This is because of the fact that there is no difference between this pill and the other pills that are used as medication of various diseases. So, people find it more acceptable to use cannabis or medical marijuana in this form.

Whatever the mode or method of consuming the cannabis, the benefits are the same; though smoking the medicine should be avoided to prevent side effects.

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Overcome PTSD Symptoms with Cannabis

natural cannabis seed
Natural cannabis seed

PTSD is common in many people these days. This is because of the increase in the number of terror attacks and wars around the world. Many war veterans also suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because of the close fighting that they have seen during times of war. Even people who have not been involved in terror attacks or wars can have symptoms of PTSD. This is because some people are not able to digest the stress during domestic violence and other kinds of violence seen on the streets every day.

How cannabis can help people to overcome PTSD

1. Helps in overcoming depression: Depression is a common symptom in those who are suffering from PTSD. After a traumatic event, the person who has witnessed it or has been a part of the event will feel depressed because of the event itself. There are times when the depression can become severe and suicidal. The regular use of medical cannabis helps in reducing depression. Depression is a feeling of helplessness and a decrease in mood levels. When cannabis is used, it helps in improving the mood of the person and also helps in overcoming the feeling of helplessness. Thus, depression is overcome with the help of cannabis in those suffering from PTSD.

2. Helps reduce stress and anxiety: The use of medical marijuana also helps in the reduction of stress and anxiety. Any person who has been in such a traumatic situation will normally suffer from stress and anxiety. This needs to be reduced to ensure that they are able to lead a normal life. If the stress and anxiety continues, it can lead to increased blood pressure, insomnia and other problems. The use of medical marijuana helps in reducing stress as well as anxiety by interfering with these thoughts in the brain.

3. Helps in reducing memory of events that caused stress: The other important benefit of using the medical marijuana is that it helps in reducing memory of events that are not good for the health of the person. In research done in rats, it was found that the rats that were fed with cannabis were able to forget some stimuli that caused pain. Other rats which were not fed with cannabis were fearful and anxious when the same stimulus was given. This could be replicated in human beings and this is one of the best effects of cannabis in the treatment of post traumatic stress disorder. It would completely get rid of this health condition with a few weeks or months of treatment.

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Marijuana Helps in Treating Asthma and Other Breathing Disorders

BC Big Bud Feminized
BC Big Bud Feminized Marijuana

There are several chronic and acute disorders of the respiratory system. These are classified into the upper respiratory passage diseases and the lower respiratory passage diseases. All the chronic diseases of the upper as well as the lower airway will benefit from medical marijuana treatment. This is because of the fact that most, if not all of the chronic diseases will cause some kind of inflammation in the tissues. Marijuana is known to be a very effective anti inflammatory agent without any side effects. So, it is effectively used against all chronic diseases. It can also be used as treatment in the acute respiratory diseases too, but the inflammation in the acute diseases will be lesser and it is not as effective as in chronic diseases.

There are several symptoms of respiratory diseases that can be treated with medical marijuana. Some of these symptoms and the effect this drug has on these symptoms are listed here:

1. Bronchospasm: Broncho spasm is the feeling of constriction that a person has in the chest and the airway. If you have suffered from any airway disease, you would have felt this kind of constriction. This is usually relieved with the help of aerosol inhalers in acute conditions. In chronic diseases, the feeling of constriction persists and will not be relieved with the usual medications. This is where the medical marijuana cure. You will be able to get rid of this brochospasm and the feeling of constriction in your chest. This helps you to breathe well and effectively.

2. Inflammation: Inflammation cannot be seen in airway diseases, but it can be felt as a feeling of heaviness in the chest. The inflammation occurs in the airway paths and other organs of the respiratory system. The effect of this is that you will not be able to breathe easily. His kind of inflammatory reaction can be overcome with the use of marijuana.

3. Infections: Chronic airway diseases are characterized by ling infections. This leads to severe cough, fever and sometimes even hospitalization. A very acute episode of infection can even be fatal. Infections in chronic diseases can be controlled by the use of medical marijuana. This is because of the bactericidal effect that marijuana has. It is able to kill the various micro organisms that are present in the respiratory system.
Medical marijuana can be used in the treatment of these symptoms of airway diseases. The drug can be more effective if it is inhaled as an aerosol. It should not be smoked as many people do, because smoking can aggravate the respiratory disorder.

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